ROIK Brand .

ROIK Brand is a catalan brand of leather handbags, established in the luxury clothing industry. During 2017, I was able to allocate my actions to the creation of ads for social networks, to carry out branding and marketing collaborations with different brands. I also contributed to the devising of advertising shootings.

ROIK x Txemy co-branding. 


Reason: launch campaign 'Underground Limited Edition'.

Objective: to enhance the concept of practicality, give an urban image to the collection and a touch of informality to the brand.

My role: ideation of the initial project, research of urban artists and final selection, contribution of ideas, co-direction during the whole project.

Actions: photo and video shootings (situation and product), integral video and photo shooting of the mural execution.

Pieces: video and photo content for web and networks, 8-second pre-launch teaser for networks, advertising spot for web and networks.


Product shooting in studio for the launch of the 'Spring Collection 2017'.


Objective: to get new and creative product photos for web content, Facebook and Instagram.

My role: contribution of ideas for the photos, co-direction of the shooting.

Actions: product shooting, playing with the position of the wallets and hands as main elements.

Product and lifestyle shooting.

Reason: launch of the 'Spring Collection 2017' and the new wallets with coin purse.

Objective: to create cosmopolitan and avant-garde content.

My role: search and choice of the model, search and agreement of locations, working hand in hand with the photographer and stylist, management and co-direction of the shooting.

Recording of advertising spot in agency.

Reason: launch of the 'Zip Coin and Flap Coin' campaign.

Objective: to create content for the new product, reach more audience, generate engagement in networks, increase the digital community, increase sales.

My role: contribution of ideas for the spot, management and co-direction.

Pieces: interactive advertising spot for web and networks.