BØET gastrøbar .

This is a freelance project focused on the creation of the branding and corporate identity for BØET gastrøbar. A bar/restaurant located in sa Pobla, Mallorca, which opened its doors in 2019, the same year that all the creative work was done.


Reason: opening of the Bar / Restaurant BØET gastrøbar.

Objective: to make the new restaurant known locally and regionally, create a new concept of avant-garde restaurant, promotion of healthy and quality cuisine.

Actions: integral corporate identity and branding. Implementation of a digital marketing plan, creation of a website, Instagram and Facebook.

A few years later, in 2022, I developed a digital marketing strategy and subsequently created a website, an Instagram and Facebook profiles for the restaurant.
The latter two I still manage today.
On the other hand, I also make advertising posters for different events.

Objective: to gain brand visibility in the digital environment and create a digital brand community. Promote interaction between the brand and the user.

My role: creation, administration and management of the website, Instagram and Facebook profiles. Creation of the creativities for posts and stories. Carrying out photo shoots. Creation of posters for events.


From 2019 to the present, with the aim of promoting the restaurant in the local and regional media, I have also been making various advertisements.


My role: creation of press advertisements.