Alorda Grup .

From the need to update the corporate advertising material and promote the business, this freelance advertising, branding and graphic design project was born, carried out between 2017 and 2019.


Objective: to increase the brand presence within the construction sector, to achieve a corporate image linked to current events, to remain a reference company for the local and regional public.

My role: ideation and design of advertisements and corporate material.

Actions: creation of ads for digital, press and outdoor. Creation of contact cards and corporate calendars.

Some years later, in 2022, the company visualized the need to gain brand visibility in the digital environment and create a brand community. A strategy that I carried out and that is still valid today.

In addition, they also decided to do a rebranding from which I designed the new logo for the company.



Objective: to gain brand visibility in the digital environment and create digital brand community.

My role: creation, administration and management of the Instagram and Facebook profiles. Create the necessary creativities for posts and stories. Perform photo shoots.